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mechanical ventilation simulation hub page

Optimize HVAC Designs for Mechanical Ventilation

Test, confirm results, and optimize designs iteratively and easily in a cloud-based platform

Mechanical, or forced ventilation, is a type of HVAC system where a combination of blowers, ducts, fans, or filters etc. are used to bring and remove air from a space. This type of ventilation is very effective in controlling air quality, humidity, and temperature.

example of HVAC system for commercial building

Typical Mechanical Ventilation Applications

Mechanical ventilation can be employed in a variety of HVAC projects, including residential and commercial buildings:

  • Kitchen exhaust fan units
  • Bathroom exhaust fan units
  • Hospital wards and surgery rooms
  • Office buildings
  • Server rooms
  • Clean rooms
mechanical ventilation simulation classroom

Why Is Online Simulation with SimScale Needed for This Application?

Mechanical ventilation systems need to be evaluated in the early design process to comply with HVAC regulations, as well as meet the desired performance requirements. Additionally, these systems can benefit from being tested in various room or building configurations. However, the high cost of hardware and steep learning curves of traditional, on-premises tools leave many designers to feel that simulation is not an option.

SimScale has eliminated such traditional hurdles, thanks to the power of the cloud. With SimScale, engineers can:

  • Run multiple simulations in parallel for faster design optimization
  • Get started quickly with an easy-to-learn interface
  • Avoid manual updates, installation, or maintenance
  • Simulate other CFD, FEA, or thermal applications

Want to try SimScale to optimize your own mechanical ventilation design?

cleanroom mechanical ventilation project

Cleanroom Ventilation Design with CFD

In this project, a cleanroom’s HVAC system is simulated to evaluate the airflow, and help track the particles present in the air as well as the temperature variation across the room. Learn how to run this simulation yourself by copying the project!

hvac theater project

HVAC System Design For a Large Theater

In this project, the mechanical ventilation system is evaluated to assess the thermal comfort parameters that need to be met. The HVAC inlet/outlet configuration is tested and optimized.

natural ventilation auditorium project results

Nabtaker is using CFD with SimScale to verify thermal comfort in Qatar University’s auditorium

“The fact that we could run several simulations in parallel in the cloud with 96 cores using SimScale saved us a huge amount of time in the first stage of this project.”

thermo consult ventilation simulation

Thermo-Consult optimized a cleanroom for an electron microscope with SimScale

“As a small company specialized in industrial HVAC, it is essential for us to improve our competitiveness through innovative know-how like computational fluid dynamics. SimScale’s competitive pricing model enables us to be involved in this sector. Thanks to our CFD study with SimScale, we were able to create an optimal and very sophisticated HVAC system for an extremely sensitive cutting-edge lab equipment.”

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