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Export geometry from CFturbo and start simulating immediately in SimScale

SimScale has partnered with CFturbo to extend its capabilities in the turbomachinery sector by enabling seamless turbomachinery design and simulation in a unified workflow. This coupled integration between CFturbo and SimScale is now available in the latest version of CFturbo.

CFturbo is a powerful, user-friendly software for the interactive design of turbomachinery components. It allows for the design of new models from scratch and the modification of existing imported designs. The advanced CFD suite in SimScale is specifically tailored for turbomachinery applications and enables users to carry out fast and accurate evaluation of design changes and the resulting impact on pressure-flow characteristics and product efficiency.

cfturbo export interface

Through the SimScale-CFturbo integration, turbomachinery users can create CAD models of products such as turbines, pumps, compressors, and fans in CFturbo and push their designs directly for simulation in the cloud with SimScale. Within CFturbo, users can choose a specific turbomachinery template to develop the hydraulic geometry at the design point and without leaving the interface of CFturbo, the user can also set up the mesh and simulation parameters for SimScale CFD. Once the simulation setup is ready, an application programming interface (API) runs a script to automatically create a simulation project in SimScale and run it. The user can visualize the results for the simulation or do further setup modifications within the SimScale platform. 

A seamless workflow unifying turbomachinery-specific design and simulation on the cloud enables turbomachinery designers to quickly evaluate their baseline designs and effortlessly conduct parametric design variations.

If you are interested to know more about the SimScale- CFturbo integration, please get in touch with us.