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Brainbox Matrix Services Ltd. Validated Their WIG Craft Design With SimScale

28 simulations in parallel

28 simulations in parallel

1 hour run time

Results in 1 hour

Brainbox Matrix Services Ltd. is a fully Nigerian owned Engineering firm, registered under the company and allied ACT of the federal republic of Nigeria. The company is principally directed by the managing consultant Engr. Eferebo I. Sylvanus. Brainbox offers an array of services in engineering consulting such as marine and naval architectural, technical training, and R&D. As a medium-sized enterprise, they are players in the following industries; oil and gas, manufacturing, marine, mining, and education. They are focused on front-end engineering design ( FEED), marine and naval architectural services, technical training, and development.

The Challenge

Marine Craft CFD

Brainbox Matrix Services turned to SimScale when they had a project that required them to study the behavior of a wing in ground effect for a marine craft (WIG). They decided to use computer-aided engineering (CAE) in the process based on their knowledge of its cost advantage, shorter research period,  and more accurate results. Although, when they first began their journey, they had never used an online simulation platform such as SimScale before. 

brainbox matrix services showing interaction post processed results simscale
Phase fraction showing the interaction of air and water regions.

SimScale is the first cloud simulation environment I have experienced, it's user friendly, and makes CFD simulation look very simple. The progress of your simulation can be monitored on any remote system with any internet connection, and the technical team at SimScale is highly professional and helpful.

brainbox testimonial

Eferebo I. Sylvanus (R-Engr, MNSE, MTech, SMENA, FICM)

Technical Director Brainbox Matrix Services Ltd

Approach to the problem

The SimScale Solution 

The team’s project consisted of an external aerodynamic flow analysis of the wing in ground (WIG) craft, as well as a multiphase simulation to study the hydrodynamic analysis of the WIG. The model was scaled ITTC (experimental mode). 

brainbox simulation image
Flow velocity distribution along the cross-section in air and water regions.

Compressible and incompressible flow analysis were both employed, and the Navier Stokes Equation of fluid motion was adopted. The team progressed through the simulation setup, run, and analysis, all the way through to visualization of the results and collection of data, including graphs and reports, quickly and effectively. 

velocity distribution for one of the brainbox craft designs
Flow velocity distribution and flow lines in the cross-section plane.

Initially, they had some technical challenges that resulted in non-convergence, but the SimScale engineering team quickly stepped in to resolve these issues. The team at Brainbox found the ability to reach out to the SimScale team very helpful.   

flow lines for brainbox
Flow lines of air and water regions around the craft.

The Results 

Solved with CFD From SimScale 

In total, the team ran 28 simulations, each averaging about 45 min to 1 hour for a single-phase simulation, and no more than 24 hours for each multiphase. The results obtained were smooth and validated the team’s design. SimScale enabled the team to experience shortened development times, decreased costs, reduced number of prototypes, improved efficiency.

brainbox team

Overall, the team was very happy with SimScale, so much so they wished it would be installed in all curriculums across Nigeria for CFD simulation. SimScale was adopted for the detailed design and full development of the WIG craft, as it enabled the project to be rated the best MTech project, and above all, even led to an additional job offer for the managing director. We look forward to continued collaboration with Brainbox! 

brainbox final design craft pressure contours
Pressure contour on the craft

If you would also like to virtually test your design with CFD or FEA in the web browser, discover the SimScale plans or learn more about the platform’s features.

Find out how engineering simulation can help engineers design better products for marine applications!