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Skip CAD Simplification, Faster Electronics Design Simulation with SimScale

Skip CAD Simplification, Faster Electronics Design Simulation with SimScale

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Preparation and simplification of complex CAD models can take away valuable time that might be spent on the design and optimization of electronics cooling devices and thermal management of systems. Engineers need to close the gap from production-ready CAD to simulation-ready CAD in order to facilitate a productive design workflow. To solve this issue, SimScale has implemented a new and robust solver that simplifies heat transfer calculations in complex assemblies and allows for simulation directly after importing the CAD model.

CAD parts are immersed in the background mesh making the contacts and intersections of various parts resolved at the mesh level. The automatic cartesian mesh gives excellent accuracy and, along with the solver being coupled between all solid-fluid regions, leads to faster convergence and design iterations, even on very detailed models. This new feature allows engineers to spend less time on CAD preprocessing and more time focusing on design exploration and team productivity.

Watch this SimScale webinar where we preview the new method using a live demonstration and case study.

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