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From Revit® to Simulation: Wind Urban Microclimate Analysis with SimScale

From Revit® to Simulation: Wind Urban Microclimate Analysis with SimScale

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Architects and engineers know the struggle of using complex geometry and CAD models for simulation purposes. CAD clean-up is often cited as the greatest bottleneck in making design decisions. A new feature in Revit® allows designers to export in a simple 3D format that is easily imported into SimScale’s powerful simulation engine. It has never been easier for architects and engineers to perform microclimate analyses on their Revit models.

In this live demo, our application engineers show how the native Revit export features can significantly reduce the workload of cleaning up Revit geometry for CFD simulations. This demo features a step-by-step process starting from within Revit and demonstrates importing, simulating, and analyzing the results in SimScale for pedestrian wind comfort and building aerodynamics.

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