low energy building design using microlouvres from smartlouvres


Simulating the Performance of the Unique MicroLouvre™ for Low Energy Building Design

Simulating the Performance of the Unique MicroLouvre™ for Low Energy Building Design

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Watch On-Demand

This webinar, in collaboration with Smartlouvre Technology Ltd. will explore how we simulated the complex performance of the unique MicroLouvre product for a low energy building design. MicroLouvre is a woven fabric /mesh of paper-thin bronze louvres used to enhance the performance of any glazing or building facade.

MicroLouvre is commonly attached to external windows and acts as a natural ventilation-enabling and solar shading device whilst allowing sufficient daylighting into a space. Experimental data on the airflow, solar, thermal, and structural properties of MicroLouvre was used to simulate the overall performance of this device at the building level. We also show how SimScale was used to evaluate the discharge coefficient, which is a common property needed in building simulation studies.

About Smartlouvre Technology Ltd.

Smartlouvre are manufacturers of high-quality louvred metal fabrics. They are focused on the construction specification market, working with architects, building consultants, and engineers to improve building performance and energy consumption in controlled temperature environments.

Learn more about MicroLouvre metal fabrics here.

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