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How to Ventilate Crowded Spaces With SimScale

How to Ventilate Crowded Spaces With SimScale

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This live demo will show attendees how the principles of ventilation design can be applied and tested quickly and accurately using engineering simulation in the cloud. Our simulation specialist will demonstrate the relative benefits of various ventilation designs evaluated using a case study of a crowded space. The demo will show how to calculate useful metrics including fresh air rates, air mixing ratios, and thermal comfort. Attendees will be given an introduction to the SimScale Platform and instructions on how to get started with their first ventilation modeling project.

Expert instructors will guide the workshop with step-by-step directions in an interactive environment that allows for discussion and Q&A.

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No prior knowledge or software is required to join this webinar. All participants can get access to SimScale with the required simulation features by creating a Community account on our website. If you are unable to attend the live session, we would still encourage you to register to receive the recording.

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