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CFD-Driven Optimization of an Industrial-Grade Compressor from Your Web Browser with Datadvance

CFD-Driven Optimization of an Industrial-Grade Compressor from Your Web Browser with Datadvance

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In this on-demand webinar, we walk you through an end-to-end shape optimization workflow of an industrial-grade air compressor improving efficiency by changing the geometric parameters of blade profiles whilst retaining the same pressure drop.

Experts from Datadvance show how connecting their cloud-native, low code platform pSeven Enterprise to SimScale’s multiphysics cloud simulation engine via API allows for:

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Nikita Zhukov

Application Engineering

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Nikita is an application engineer at Datadvance. He graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a Master’s degree in Applied Mechanics. Nikita has 7 years of experience in engineering simulation, design optimization, and simulation processes automation.

Laurent Chec

Vice-President of Global Sales

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Laurent Chec has more than 20 years of experience in the Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) business. He graduated from Evry-Val-d’Essonne University in 1995 with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and started his career as an application engineer in the simulation software business. He worked with major European aerospace companies as a simulation expert consultant before orienting his career towards sales. Over the past 10 years, Laurent has held various sales management positions including key account manager for a worldwide organization. Prior to joining DATADVANCE, he was serving as EMEA Sales Director for a U.S.-based company operating in the optimization software market. He joined Datadvance in 2016 to guide its expansion in Europe and Asia by heading DATADVANCE SAS French branch created in the same year.

steve laine simscale

Steve Lainé

Application Engineering Manager


Steve is an Application Engineering Manager at SimScale. He has a technical foundation, with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Materials Science. Steve has 7 years of industry-relevant experience from working in aerospace design and engineering simulation.

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SimScale is the world’s first cloud-native SaaS engineering simulation platform, giving engineers and designers immediate access to digital prototyping early in the design stage, throughout the entire R&D cycle, and across the entire enterprise. By providing instant access to a single fluid, thermal, and structural simulation tool built on the latest cloud computing technology, SimScale has moved high-fidelity physics simulation technology from a complex and cost-prohibitive desktop application to a user-friendly web application, accessible to any designer and engineer in the world.