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CAD Geometry Preparation and Meshing for Engineering Simulation in the Cloud

CAD Geometry Preparation and Meshing for Engineering Simulation in the Cloud

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Preparing, uploading, and adapting your CAD assembly for analysis is the first step in setting up a simulation. SimScale supports the most common geometry formats for importing CAD including Solidworks, Inventor, STEP, IGES, STL, and Parasolid. Third-party CAD connector apps are available for Onshape and other tools, allowing for more seamless integration.

This demonstration introduces our 3D CAD and meshing tools for simulation in the SimScale platform. In this webinar, we showcase how SimScale can handle various geometry formats and how users can apply robust meshing to their models. You will learn how to import 3D CAD models, clean the geometry by using our internal CAD mode editing features and apply various meshing settings to make your model simulation ready. CAD mode supports operations like scaling, extrude, body and face delete, surface splitting, etc. with new features being added continuously. You will learn how to use CAD mode associativity with Onshape and other third-party tools.

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