Automated Mesh Refinement and Advanced Physics for Rotating Machinery

April 13, 2022

Automated Mesh Refinement and Advanced Physics for Rotating Machinery

April 13, 2022

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SimScale makes cloud-native computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation accessible to rotating machinery designers and engineers. In this webinar, we showcase several new features added to our proprietary CFD technology, Subsonic, which will help users predict the performance of rotating equipment more accurately and with greater savings in simulation set-up and run time, as well as core hours.

Watch this webinar on-demand to learn how local mesh refinement can be used to create high-quality meshes for rotating machinery applications while optimizing simulation turnaround time and core-hour utilization. This new feature is semi-automated and provides users with more granular mesh control near areas of interest like the impeller blades. We have also introduced several improvements to the simulation workflow, including the ability to create rotating regions within SimScale’s CAD mode. In addition to the meshing and workflow improvements, we demonstrate the latest advanced physics capabilities within the Subsonic solver that allows accurate prediction of rotating equipment performance in off-design conditions.

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