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Accelerating the Design-to-Prototype Cycle of Medical Devices with Withings

Accelerating the Design-to-Prototype Cycle of Medical Devices with Withings

Watch On-Demand

Watch On-Demand

In collaboration with the simulation experts at Withings, this webinar explores how it’s possible to accelerate the design-to-prototype cycle of medical devices.

The presenters focus on the non-linear mechanical optimization study and structural performance evaluation of a cantilever snap-fit design used in a portable medical device. The design and simulation workflow adopted is based on the cloud-native engineering simulation capabilities of SimScale and its Onshape integration.

The time needed to validate how the change in different design parameters influences the structural integrity, performance, and nonlinear behavior of mechanical components can be shortened by an order of magnitude thanks to the collaborative, powerful, fast, and scalable nature of simulation workflows based on cloud-native CAE tools. The practical benefits are many: more detailed insights, less physical testing, reduced chance of costly late-stage design changes, to name a few.

Tune in to learn more and start simulating with SimScale right away, all you need is a web browser.

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