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CAD & CAE in the Cloud: End-to-End Design Optimization – SimScale and Onshape Join Forces in an Exclusive Webinar

Munich, December 18, 2019 — SimScale and Onshape are announcing a free joint webinar on January 23, 2020, to teach designers and engineers the benefits of a cloud-based design process. 

Onshape CAD programmable heating mantle
Screenshot of the CAD model of a programmable heating mantle in Onshape 

The emergence of cloud computing has revolutionized the design process, providing engineering professionals today with the possibility to create, virtually test, and optimize CAD models end-to-end from a standard web browser.

Having launched an integration called Connector App in 2015 aimed at creating a smooth design-simulation workflow, Onshape and SimScale are two cloud-based solutions that can be used together in the design process. Their customers and community users create designs online in Onshape and run engineering simulations (CFD, FEA, or CHT) with SimScale to virtually test them and predict flaws or identify potential improvements. The simulation results provide the required data for engineers to better understand how their design would perform in real life and make necessary optimizations until the best iteration is found.

In an exclusive webinar on January 23, 2020, organized by Onshape and SimScale, participants will learn about the benefits of a cloud-based design process and how they can get access to the solutions required. All details can be found below: 

The session will include a demo of both tools, using an electronics cooling example. The CAD model of a programmable heating mantle created in Onshape will be virtually tested using conjugate heat transfer analysis with SimScale to verify if the thermal power from the heating components is dissipated effectively and overheating is prevented.

No prior knowledge or software is required to join this exclusive webinar. All participants can gain free access to Onshape and SimScale via the Professional Trial and the Community Plan respectively.

Registrants unable to attend the live webinar will receive the recording via email. 

About SimScale:

Based in Munich and Boston, SimScale is the world’s first production-ready SaaS application for simulation. By providing instant access to CFD and FEA to over 150,000 users, SimScale has moved high-fidelity engineering simulation technology from a complex and cost-prohibitive desktop application only available to experts in large companies to a user-friendly web application accessible to any designer and engineer in the world via a pay-as-you-go pricing model. For more information, visit

About Onshape:

Onshape is a next-generation SaaS design platform that speeds up product development. It’s an all-in-one system that combines CAD, release management, workflow, collaboration, analytics, admin tools, and an API with more than 50 engineering applications. Onshape helps extended design teams work together faster and helps executives make better business decisions with real-time analytics and unprecedented visibility into their company’s design and manufacturing processes.

Founded in 2012, Onshape was acquired by PTC in November 2019 and will operate as a SaaS business unit within the company. For more information, visit

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