Information for consumers

December 18th 2014

SimScale provides software that can be used to simulate physical processes. After being transmitted to the SimScale account set up by the Customer, the data relevant for the simulation are forwarded to leased servers. This transmission is encrypted by SimScale. Following the simulation, the results are available for retrieval by the Customer in his account. As soon as the results are available, they are available for the Customer in his account.

The software is provided by SimScale, Ridlerstraße 31B, 80339 Munich.

Use of the software is initially free of charge, but you can activate options which then trigger costs. Please note the messages when activating the option. This does not apply for commercial customers.

When using an option with charges, transaction costs are generated for the credit card payment.

SimScale specifically refers to the warranty and liability preclusion (Section 9 of the General Terms and Conditions). Since liability is limited to €250,000 (excepting injuries to life, limb, and health), SimScale recommends the purchase of additional insurance, or contacting your insurance company before the first simulation, since the type and extent of insurance depends on the concrete application and the environment it is intended for.

SimScale expressly refers to the right of revocation and the form that may be used for revocation.

The account may be deleted after the contractual relationship is wound down.