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GV Filtri: Filtration Technology
Inspired by the Future


  • Optimize the size and cost of industrial basket-type filters while keeping pressure losses low without conducting field tests using a simulation-only approach.
  • Validate simulation results with actual performance data.
  • Bring simulation in-house to the engineering team and demonstrate its value to the wider engineering team.
advanced basket-type filtration technology


  • Able to quickly optimize, validate, and define new shapes for their filters while keeping pressure losses low.
  • Comparison to performance data was used to show high confidence in simulation predictions, leading to a shorter time to market by obviating the need for extensive field testing.
  • Deployed SimScale to the Research & Development team and avoided costly external consultants.
  • Demonstrated SimScale’s cost-to-value generated ratio is more competitive when compared with that of its competitors.
45 degree inline basket filter pressure drop

GV Filtri has been operating for over 30 years in six main industrial sectors: Oil and Gas, Food and Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Petrochemical, Water Treatment, Energy, and Industrial. The engineering team at GV Filtri is renowned for continuous research and development and for quick customization to suit complex customer requirements, from the design phase to implementation. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies and the contribution of a team of dynamic individuals with extensive experience in the field, in addition to the standard product range, GV Filtri’s engineering division offers complete filtration units for engineering firms and end users, which are designed and created in compliance with all the major global design codes.

commercial and industrial-scale air filtration technology products
Commercial and industrial-scale air filtration technology products

A Culture of Innovation at GV Filtri

The engineering team is highly dynamic with a versatile skill set from concept design to production. They study the customer’s every need with the aim of offering the most suitable solutions for the required filtration use case whether that’s a large oil & gas filter operating at high pressure in extreme environments or an anti-COVID air quality filter for commercial use.

Samuele Gentile is a Product Specialist in the Research & Development Team at GV Filtri. He is involved in several European projects aimed at developing innovative coatings to improve the filtering and mechanical properties of filter media for the treatment of air (in particular in the development of antiviral, antibacterial filters), gaseous fluids, liquid fluids, and carbon capture. Samuele and the research team at GV Filtri specialize in the development of innovative solutions in filtration and several market fields such as Oil Gas, Petrochemical, Power generation, food, and pharmaceutical.

advanced basket-type filtration technology is a result of continuous R&D and innovation at GV Filtri.
Advanced basket-type filtration technology is a result of continuous R&D and innovation at GV Filtri.

We see our job as a challenge – and we want to win; we put ourselves to the test and improve performance quality, by bringing our preparation and experience to the table. Our versatility, professionalism, and speed in finding optimal filtration solutions have allowed us, over the years, to help our brand blossom and stand out on the international market. Using tools like SimScale allows us to find effective and cost-friendly solutions by embedding simulation as a necessary part of the design process from the earliest stages.

Samuele Gentile

Engineer at GV Filtri

Recent advances from research and development initiatives have yielded novel COVD filters. The team has developed a system of reusable filters that can be applied to any surface and which have antibacterial, antifungal, and, above all, antiviral properties capable of destroying Coronavirus. The main components of Bio Killer coatings are the nanoparticles integrated in a glass or ceramic matrix: they successfully prevent the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, molds, and viruses, and have already proven effective even in atmospheric temperatures of up to 450° C. These filters can be used in various industrial applications to remove bacteria and viruses not only from the air, but also from lubricating fluids involved in metal cutting processes. Simulation using SimScale has been an integral part of innovation and product development.

SimScale is an excellent tool for CFD and FEM analysis. There was not much experience in the company regarding such analyses. SimScale, with its convenient interface and ease of use, allowed us to learn quickly and significantly optimize our products both from the point of view of mechanical strength and their fluid dynamic properties.

Samuele Gentile

Engineer at GV Filtri

Utilizing SimScale for CFD

GV Filtri has been using SimScale’s CFD software to evaluate the pressure drop performance of various filter elements. The main objective of the team that led to the decision to conduct CFD analyses on their products was to validate the proposed solutions in the eyes of the customer. In the application field in which GV Filtri operates, pressure losses play a crucial and often indispensable role in the decisions of the final customer. The choice to adopt SimScale to support analytical calculations based on years of experience has allowed the team to increase the customer’s confidence in their proposed solutions. At the same time, the adoption of SimScale has also produced internal benefits for the engineering of new products and the optimization of existing ones, accelerating the product innovation lifecycle.

Basket strainers, for example, are filtration devices used to remove solid particles from water and other fluids. They consist of a perforated plate, with or without wire mesh and a basket, housed within a vessel, that captures particles as the fluid passes through. These filters are valued for their ease of maintenance, as the basket can be easily removed and cleaned. Engineers at GV Filtri decided to conduct CFD analyses using SimScale to demonstrate how the 45-degree (in-line) basket strainer offers advantages in terms of lower pressure losses compared to the classic model with offset inlet and outlet connections (see images below).

Standard inline basket filter element with offset inlet and outlet
Standard inline basket filter element with offset inlet and outlet
45° inline basket filter element with reduced and more uniform pressure drop
45° inline basket filter element with reduced and more uniform pressure drop

Benefits of Using SimScale

The use of CFD using SimScale makes it possible to optimize the size and design of filters and propose a filter to the customer that meets bespoke requirements regarding pressure drop without compromising size and weight. SimScale has enabled the team to value engineer their products for cost containment and increased market competitiveness. In addition, the use of SimScale has made it possible to obtain effective, shareable, and recognizable demonstration studies in less time than the traditional workflow of developing a calculation report using spreadsheets whose veracity is more difficult to demonstrate to customers.

The adoption of SimScale has allowed us to validate our solutions internally, avoiding having CFD and FEA analysis performed externally, with considerable savings in terms of time and costs. In addition, SimScale’s cost-to-value generated ratio, in our opinion, is more competitive when compared with that of its competitors.

Samuele Gentile

Engineer at GV Filtri

Set up your own cloud-native simulation via the web in minutes by creating an account on the SimScale platform. No installation, special hardware, or credit card is required.

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