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  • It’s Women’s Wednesday at SimScale: Get to Know Carolina

    Lisa Widmann
    BlogLife At SimScaleIt’s Women’s Wednesday at SimScale: Get to Know Carolina

    It is Women’s Wednesday again at SimScale and in today’s post, we would like to introduce Carolina, who is part of our Marketing Team at SimScale.

    Carolina, what do you do at SimScale?

    I am SimScale’s Content & PR Manager. I am in charge of planning, managing, and executing SimScale’s content strategy across organic channels. 

    What is your background? 

    I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up in California and Texas. I spent a few years solo backpacking and living in Melbourne, Australia before moving to Germany for a master’s program. 

    carolina backpacking

    What brought you to SimScale? 

    Three things: My academic background in marketing, my work experience in B2B tech, and my desire to work in an international environment.

    What has been your biggest accomplishment at SimScale? 

    Adapting quickly, focusing on maintaining quality work, and fostering a strong feeling of camaraderie despite many changes to our team. 

    carolina content manager at simsummit
    With fellow SimScalers at the 2022 SimSummit

    What are you proud of? 

    Understanding our product on a technical level despite lacking an engineering background. There is still so much to learn, but I feel proud when a fellow non-engineer asks me “What’s CFD?” and I nail it in two sentences or less. 🙂 

    What has been your biggest challenge? 

    Balancing our big ideas for marketing with the reality of resources. We’re a creative team with a lot of drive. Until we grow our team, we have to be smart and prioritize the proven strategies. I look forward to adding new energy to the team and establishing our cadence so we can dedicate more time to experimenting and indulging our creativity. 

    What excites you? 

    What doesn’t?? I am a high-energy person with, admittedly, a flare for the dramatic! I embrace that life is made of highs and lows and think it’s a gift that nothing ever stays the same. 

    carolina simscale content manager

    What do people value about you?

    My accountability. In life, as much as at work, it’s important to me that friends and colleagues can depend on me. Relationships of any kind require time and energy but they are always worth the investment. 🙂 Oh! And I’m a solid addition to a pub quiz team, too!

    Thank you for sharing, Carolina!

    Stay tuned for more insights into SimScale and see what the team has been up to on our @lifeatsimscale Instagram feed. Want to start your own SimScale story? Make sure to keep an eye on our careers page for possible openings!

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