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  • SimScale’s Approach to International Recruiting

    Lisa Widmann
    BlogLife At SimScaleSimScale’s Approach to International Recruiting

    At SimScale, where our team consists of talent from all over the world and cultural diversity is the company norm, finding new team members means searching internationally. Our international company vision and values make up the heart of our organization, with every new employee adding to the cultural diversity, flexibility, and dynamics of our journey. 

    Currently, SimScale is made up of people from more than 30 countries, speaking many languages and programming many more. Yet, we are sure that this number will continue to grow. Recruiting internationally does not only open up our talent pool, it especially provides a company like us the chance to widen our scope of expertise by gaining valuable experiences, cultures, and viewpoints.

    international recruiting brings talent from around the globe

    Any kind of recruitment process is always two-sided: There’s the employer, SimScale, looking for talented people who will contribute to our ambitious team. Similarly, there are candidates looking for the right position—a position that matches their background, their cultural demands and their potential for growth. 

    What Does the Recruitment Process at SimScale Look Like?

    In today’s world, it has become easy to connect and stay in touch with people from all over the world. No matter if you are commuting on the train or sitting in the comfort of your living room, we are able to instantly connect via video calls and talk to our friends or family members. So, why not follow the same strategy in the recruitment process? That’s exactly what we thought here at SimScale. This article outlines the four steps in our international recruitment process. 

    Step One: A Conversation on Google Meet 

    After reviewing your application, our first recruitment step is an invitation to the first conversation on Google Meet. Before this virtual meeting, candidates will receive an email providing them with a link to Calendly. This is an online appointment scheduling software that makes it very easy to pick a suitable and convenient time for the interview by the candidate, rather than emailing back and forth about possible interview dates. Once the candidate selects the date, the online interview is automatically scheduled in the calendars of both candidates and recruiters. The purpose of the call is to give the recruiter and candidate the opportunity to have a first personal touchpoint and gain an idea about whether both sides want to continue investing more time in the recruitment process. For us, we are keen to find out whether you meet the core competencies required for the role and share the SimScale values.

    simscale recruitment process

    Step Two: The Assessment Task  

    For the majority of our positions, the second step following the Google Meet is an assessment task. Steps two and three may sometimes be reversed, depending on the role. For the assessment, we provide up to 7 days to complete the task. By offering a full week, we give candidates the flexibility to complete the task within their own time. These job-specific assessment tasks allow candidates to get a first impression of the role’s responsibilities. Additionally, it provides us the opportunity to see how the candidate approaches the task and whether this approach meets the SimScale expectations and requirements.

    Step Three: The Technical Interview

    After the successful completion of the task, you will be required to present the task or hold a technical conversation afterward with the hiring manager. Normally held in tandem, you will also be interviewed on your technical knowledge and how your assessment/technical knowledge further supports your application. 

    Final Step: The On-Site Day 

    A company is only able to thrive with team members who are happy and satisfied with their work environment and tasks. That is why we want to give you the opportunity to really see what working at SimScale is like! Therefore, our last and final step in the recruitment process is the on-site day, where we meet in person. 

    international recruiting onsite day with simscale

    Our on-site day is definitely seen as a two-way process where we and you can ask questions and get a feel whether you would be the right fit for our team. You get to meet the team, learn more about our company and values, explore our office so you can go home with an idea of our atmosphere and team spirit! 

    Occasionally, there are times when coming together is not possible, especially for international candidates but we do adapt and complete our on-site day virtually providing you and us with the closest best next thing to coming to our office. We will ensure that you meet a number of people from the team so you get a broader insight into SimScale. 

    International Recruiting: Key Decisions & Feedback

    We aim to share our feedback with candidates in a timely manner at every stage of the process, with decisions within a couple of days of each stage. The application process, depending on the candidates, can be as short as 14 days but is typically between 25 to 30 days from the initial application to a job offer.

    Due to the large number of applications, we reserve detailed feedback on your application to those progressing further than the assessment stage of our application process. We debrief with every candidate who undertakes the on-site day, and believe in transparency around our recruitment practices. 

    Are You Ready to Apply at SimScale?   

    Remember, every person, conversation, and career path is different and unique to the individual, and so is every hiring process. We encourage candidates to be themselves, because our work environment encourages this. At SimScale, we truly want to emphasize our appreciation of diversity! Our international team is made up of varying personalities and preferences. The only qualities we look for across all candidates is a curious disposition, and a hard-working spirit. Does this resonate with you? Check out our current open positions:

    arnaud and jesus simscale diversity international recruiting

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