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  • 8 Superb Reasons to Work at SimScale

    Lisa Widmann
    BlogLife At SimScale8 Superb Reasons to Work at SimScale

    At SimScale, we do not only dream of a better world and a future where engineers can optimize their designs better and faster. Behind our innovative product stands a motivated and passionate team. Our employees are ambitious and hardworking, but also truly love being part of the SimScale family. In this article, we will unveil the top 8 reasons we love to come to work, as told by different team members!

    Reason One: From the First Day, You Can Jump Right In!

    At SimScale, you are—and will feel—like part of the team from day one! We will give you the opportunity to learn about us, our values, and get training and onboarding underway. We will always give you the room you need to grow, but you will also have the freedom to dive right into your work, share your ideas, and help shape our success story. 

    “I can sense the dynamic energy in every department, and this has not changed since the first day I joined SimScale.” – Regina Shen, Working Student General Administration

    regina shen simscale

    Reason Two: We Don’t Just Say We Are Multicultural, We Really Are!

    Our employees are from… Serbia, India, Argentina, Brazil, USA, UK, Italy, Slovenia, Jordan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Spain, Russia, Taiwan, Mexico, Moldova, Algeria, Portugal, Pakistan, Germany, Canada, Croatia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Netherlands, Bosnia, Israel, Romania, France, Ukraine… and love the intercultural exchange and opportunities that come with such a diverse work environment!

    “Working in such a great team with people from all over the world makes me looking forward to Mondays.”Patrick Neulinger, Account Executive

    patrick neulinger simscale

    Reason Three: At SimScale, We Are Family! 

    Having people join us from all over the world is exciting, but it can also mean that some team members move to, and start a new career in a completely new and unfamiliar environment. But even for those who have been living here for a while, it matters to us to include everyone in our team and truly make them feel like they are a valuable and integral part of our SimScale family. From chill after-work hangouts, to monthly events and festive parties, the fun never stops! 

    “I moved to Munich for the position at SimScale, and was virtually new to the city. Luckily, being part of the SimScale family made me feel like I was right at home immediately!” Meg Jenkins, SEO and Content Marketing Manager

    meg jenkins simscale

    Reason Four: We Work Hard, But We Also Like to Socialize! 

    We are an ambitious company, setting high goals with even higher aspirations to achieve them. But we know it’s also important to celebrate our successes, and have fun! We create events for our team, as well as allow anyone to suggest activities that they would be interested in hosting right here at the office. From cooking evenings, trivia nights, Halloween, summer events, to quarterly parties and more, we love spending time together and value each other’s company. 

    “There are plenty of things I like about working at SimScale. From the flexible working environment, to the challenging and exciting tasks. But if I have to highlight my favorite thing about SimScale, it would definitely be its people! Everyone here is always willing to help and share their knowledge with you… but also share a Friday after-work beer and talk about different topics.” Guillermo A. Barraza, Working Student Engineering

    guillermo a. barraza simscale

    Reason Five: Our Product Is Inspiring! 

    Our software is a tool that is truly helping to shape our world, and make it a better place. We contribute towards things like innovative building designs in cities all across the globe, making airplanes more efficient for travel, helping electric vehicles be more eco-friendly, and even optimizing major waterworks facilities for alternative power sources; and this is just to name a few applications. At SimScale, we put our tool in the hands of engineers who are making a difference.

    “I’ve had many different jobs and sold many different things, but my role here at SimScale has been by far the most rewarding. I’m truly proud of the solution we provide, and I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to be involved in so many interesting projects. Whether it’s a small project in a developing country, or a billion dollar project in one of the world’s largest cities, you get to have an actual positive impact on the world in countless different ways.” Chris Pollard, Account Executive

    chris pollard simscale

    Reason Six: We Trust Our Team Members

    We truly acknowledge and appreciate that everyone is different. Some of us are morning people that get to the office before the birds are singing, and others are night owls that prefer working in the evening. That is why we emphasize a flexible work environment as well as working from home, where you start the day whenever you prefer. At SimScale, you will never be micromanaged and are encouraged to be a self-starter who gets guidance but can also learn by mistakes. As long as you are committed, we give you the space you need!

    “The ideal job for me is where I can do something that matters and makes a difference, and where I can learn from my peers. SimScale offers me both.” Mehdi Esfahani, Frontend Architect

    mehdi esfahani

    Reason Seven: We Value Talent!

    Being part of our company means there is no fixed career path that is set in stone and needs to be followed. We see and acknowledge each and everyone’s strengths and strongly encourage our talents to learn whilst bringing out the best in them. At SimScale, it is not the skill set that matters the most, it is passion and team spirit!

    “I really enjoy working for SimScale, because gaining new insights about simulation and being surrounded by an awesome team is fun!” Theresa Hefele, Junior Application Engineer

    theresa hefele

    Reason Eight: Sharing Is Caring! 

    Every opinion matters! We encourage team members to learn. SimScale as a whole just gets better and improves when people share their ideas, visions, and opinions. Feedback is not just appreciated, it has a huge impact on SimScale. We truly want to adapt and change based on the needs of our team and customers. 

    “What I like about working here at SimScale is that I always feel free to come and talk to anyone, regardless of their position and role. I know that I will always feel comfortable talking about plans, issues, ideas and other things. We have this amazing chance here to all be passionate about simulation and the world of engineering in general and it is great to have this feeling that we share a common vision about solving issues and understanding phenomena. I enjoy that my team members are truly reliable, and in addition to that, they are very good communicators. This means that we can easily share failures, concerns, issues but also successes and breakthroughs.” Arnaud Girin, Technical Marketing Specialist

    arnaud girin

    Do you think you would be a good fit for SimScale? Check out our career page and browse through our current opportunities. 

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