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New filter for public project base on type of simulation (3)
Temporal Statistics (Transient CFD) (1)
Name of chart.xls for data (3)
Y+ for CHT (5)
Modal analysis & Modal response for structural eigenfrequency calculation (7)
SimScale without Eigenfrequency? This cannot be! (3)
Multimesh domain - simulation domain consisting of multiple meshes (3)
Show the size of the results (3)
Particle tracking (4)
Moving wall / adaptive mesh (2)
Extend runtime limit while the job is running (3)
Copy settings branch from one simulation to another (1)
Orthogonal view in post-proc (2)
Rigid body dynamics / Kinematics (2)
Acoustic analysis (4)
Import constrains from Onshape assembly (2)
Enhanced Wall function (2)
Polyhedral Mesh for CFD (2)
Improve 3D navigation ( 2 ) (22)
Y+ cell adaption (1)
Bring result control for compressable simulations inline with incompressable (1)
Constitutive models for soils and rocks (1)
Default to "Surface" instead of "Surfaces with Wireframe" when clicking on the mesh or simulation model (2)
Geometry Measurement Tool (2)
Define Porous media by Volume Selection (4)
Microstructural transformations of Metal (4)
Support for 2D structural elements (3)
Ability to initialise from results produced by another simulation using the same mesh (3)
Improvements to mesh refinement (1)