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Electron Optics with Multiphysics (3)
Multiphysic simulation (6)
Simulate path of photons (2)
Improve 3D navigation ( 2 ) (26)
Post Processor Legend Scale & Control (2)
Extend runtime limit while the job is running (5)
Enable Viewing the Complete Mesh/Solver Log (5)
Surface Edge Pre-Selection Feature (20)
Customisable colour maps in Post Processor (3)
Discrete color maps in post-processing (5)
Modal analysis & Modal response for structural eigenfrequency calculation (8)
Particle transport in air/liquid flow (2)
Postprocessor function to display yPlus max, min, std deviation etc for surface or geometry (3)
Add Topological Entity Sets from Geometry to Mesh (2)
Support for 2D structural elements (5)
Simpler definition of porous media using free air ratio (1)
Allow add Passive scalar in Multiphase analysis (2)
blockMesh GUI meshing in SimScale (2)
Two phase with liquid mixture (4)
More hyperelastic material models (2)
Y+ for CHT (7)
Result Control Item: Probes (7)
New filter for public project base on type of simulation (4)
Temporal Statistics (Transient CFD) (1)
Name of chart.xls for data (3)
SimScale without Eigenfrequency? This cannot be! (3)
Multimesh domain - simulation domain consisting of multiple meshes (3)
Show the size of the results (3)
Particle tracking (4)