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Surface Line Interval Convolution (LIC) Plots


I would like to see SimScale introduce Surface LIC Plots to the post-processing software. I feel that these plots make some of the most impressive pictures overall and really give the user a better understanding of the flow field. Below is an example of what I am requesting.

This image not only shows the pressure but also the relative flow throughout the slice. A similar plot can be made with vectors, but that requires a few more steps and resizing to get what you want. I also don’t think it looks as nice overall.


Good Idea, logged :slight_smile:


I love that you can even seem to resolve and ‘see’ some turbulence in the far flow :smile: , is that correct :question:

And you might be able to easily see if you inadvertently left a tunnel wall as a slip wall (probably have to zoom in for that) or would that be pushing it :question:

And maybe a good easy way to see if zero gradient walls are ‘working’ :slight_smile:


Hey Dale!

What you can definitely see with LIC are recirculation zones behind a cyclist for instance or divergence points to identify separation points on an airfoil.




Yes I never got a good answer in all previous discussions about how to see a line on a surface where separation begins, it is obvious here for a slice, but still would like that separation line plotted on the whole surface, oh, oh another feature request for someone to grab :wink: