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Particle transport in air/liquid flow



Assume an air flow with many particles in it.
Example: Sand storm or vaccuum cleaner in the wood industries.

I would like to see a module for particle tracking/simulation being implemented on SimScale.



DEM simulation / solver not available any more?

Thanks for your feedback @wmay!

Let’s see how many users are willing to give this feature a thumbs up :+1:

@varghese & @camilomati, want to start? :wink:




Hi @all,

also in my opinion, the Particle Tracing / DEM module has yet been the best feature in SimScale :slight_smile: I would love to see it again in the future!

Nice regards, Benjamin


Hi Benjamin!

Don’t forget to give the feature a vote :wink:




I also give this feature a thumbs up :slight_smile: :+1:


Hi @jousefm
I saw this vote link here and want to add my vote for this feature. Unless I missed something, but I cannot find it in Simscale interface presently. This DEM /particle tracing feature is very cool and should be included.

Is particle tracing and DEM no longer available on Simscale as it appears on some Documentations, validation models and some public projects but nothing in the setup is available or is there an alternative way to go for it?

I tried to see the selection option “Discrete Elements” or “Particulate Material” in the study type drop down menu, as should be but not seen. Could it be possible that DEM simulations are not supported any more in Simscale? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Please am struggling to carry out particle tracing simulations on Simscale.

The ones I saw on the tutorial and validation link were missing some details, on how to set it up or has the function been removed?

Is the function for setting up Particle Tracing simulations on Simscale still available, as I need some assistance with understanding this model better. Thank you

See examples on the validation and public project links:

DPM Analysis of a gas-solid fluidised bed — SimScale Documentation

The purpose of this numerical simulation is to validate the following parameters of incompressible laminar Discrete Phase Model (DPM) for a ‘Gas-Solid Fluidised Bed’: Mixing distribution: by single bubble injection in a monodisperse fluidised bed.

For instance, the settings for this validation case is missing so it is difficult for me to understand the steps.

Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed - DPM Analysis - Validation

Screw conveyor belt

Hourglass simulation

Thank you.:sunglasses:



Hi Amaechi!

Also got your email regarding that :wink: What you can definitely do is to have something called a passive scalar which does not influence the fluid flow but you can trace theses particles inside of your fluid. AFAIK you can use more than 10 passive scalar species for your simulations - more infos about that in the doc.

Apart from that, the DEM solver which was used on SimScale was phased out a long time ago and we used Yade for that. As you pointed out correctly, this is not longer available on the platform and according to the votes here we will prioritize future features.

Hope that helps you a bit :wink:



Hi @jousefm
Thank you for the prompt response, I will check out the passive scalar as adviced. What is Yade though? I hope it can do what particle tracing DEM models do though! Once again, thank you for signposting me to it.




Hi Amaechi!

It is the solver for DEM based particle simulation but no longer available. Might come back in the future :slight_smile: