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Discussions posted by the SimScale team and its partners to keep you updated on new SimScale platforms features, workshops and intiatives


You can find here frequently asked questions and the answers to them provided by our support team.

Product Feedback

This is the place where you can share your feedback and post your wishes, ideas and feature requests for SimScale. Help us improve SimScale!


The SimScale SimWiki is a place where you can learn the most important terms related to and needed for the understanding of computer-aided engineering (or engineering simulation).

SimScale Academy

The SimScale Academy is aimed at engineering and design professionals but also amateurs in the field of simulation who want to learn how to use Finite-Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and/or Thermal Analysis to improve their product development process but also delve into the theory of each subject.

Project Support

You have questions or need assistance regarding a Simulation Project that you are working on (ie, the settings you have chosen, unsuccessful meshing or simulation runs, understanding the results, etc)

Using SimScale

Address your how to questions regarding using SimScale directly in one of the subcategories

Solve it with SimScale

The “Solve it with SimScale” Project is an effort to create industry-relevant simulations using SimScale. The open model of collaboration among SimScale’s community of users is the basis of development, maximizing the number of engineering minds working to solve these challenging simulation problems on the SimScale Platform.

Hosted Workshops

A place for people to share their SimScale in-class experiences, as an educator or attendee!

SimScale Student Ambassadors

Dedicated category for the SimScale Student Ambassadors. If you want to become a SimScale Ambassador, please contact me via mail ( with a short introduction to yourself and your CV.

University Workshops

SimScale’s place allowing students to interact with their fellow classmates, interact with course instructors as well as the entire community - a place for discussions, comments, and project submissions.

Project Spotlight

Spotlight on SimScale Public Projects. See the top projects from around the Community!

SimScale Workshops

Place to ask questions and exchange knowledge related to the workshops offered by SimScale.


A category for new public projects created on the SimScale platform