Wanted a glyph filter for vector solution fields

I would find very useful to have in postprocessing a glyph filter for the visualization of vector solution fields.

A glyph filter means to draw at each node (if it is a nodal output field) an arrow showing magnitude (by it’s length) and direction of that output field at that node.

This would be very useful for solution fields like a force and heat flux.


Hello Johannes,
thanks for your feedback!

I think what you are looking for is already mostly available.
Can you check this documentation page and let us know if this is what you needed or if there is anything missing: How to Plot Vectors on a Plane? | Knowledge Base | SimScale ?

Btw. you can also directly request a feature and give feedback on our public roadmap: https://roadmap.simscale.com/


thank you!, that’s what I searched for