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Ability to initialise from results produced by another simulation using the same mesh

I think this has been discussed a lot in the past but I wanted a place for it to live in the vote section. So firstly what problems will this solve:

  1. Reduce convergence times for steady state simulations
  2. Reduce simulation times of transient simulations by removing time taken to reach fully developed flow.
  3. Make running a transient simulation from the beginning if it is cut short (out of time or cancelled because of divergence)
  4. Make it quicker to increase the simulation complexity (laminar to turbulent to transient)

If using results from say a laminar model for a turbulent model the initial conditions for the missing fields should be used.

Hope this sums up, but if I missed anything from previous posts feel free to chip in.


Totally agree and I myself wait for this…as an update, It has been pushed in the feature pipeline already.


I would love to have this feature!