Hard to find faces in complex closely connected geometries

I have witnessed a problem which I usually face when I go to my old projects especially FEA projects. Talking about very closely connected small geometries overlapping over one another such as bolted joints. When I try to see particular faces associated with boundary conditions, it takes time to search for those faces (going on revolving the geometry, zooming in and out, hiding facing for to figure it out.)

The reason being in some cases they are just very small, bodies are overlapping. Sometimes when the names associated with geometries are large it makes it even harder. And most important of all I don’t remember what I did back then when I was setting up the simulation.

If we could have a feature that could just point like an arrow or something to the faces when I click on the boundary conditions associated with faces.

This might not be so great but could It can save and a lot of time playing around with geometry.