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I’m retired software engineer, with about 30 years of experience with different hardware and software. I started with Pet Commodore 2000, as a green horn, but not for long. Last ~ 18 years I spent with Autodesk company, being involved in intercontinental data transfer optimisation. Once retired, I made a break for constructing my shelter (well, home), using CAD tools only to plan for main plugs, water taps, light spots and similar. In mean time my hardware did become obsolete and my come back to Neural Network programming (now Deep Learning) was unsuccessful.

I was also disappointed by CFD simulation software (well, they were disappointed by my hardware too), as ANSYS or OpenFoam needs newer GPU, newer OS, you know. Building new (quiet) PC will take time, but I had a chance of stumbling upon SimScale, with a possibility to use network resources for simulation.

So now, CFD over internet can be my tool of preference for a while, for my not so usual projects and ideas about wind. Here it is a windy zone, but protected in the national park neighbourhood, so everything needs to be discreet and silent.

As a software engineer I was happy I can learn something new every day: I’m still in that mind set and I know SimScale could help me in that attitude for a while.

In free time I practice tennis, table tennis, cross country (in the parc), line rollers, SUP paddling (only in summer). The best author for me in 2018 was Mr Harari: check yourself.