Multiphase Modelling of offshore structures

Thank you for adding a feature request in this section for users and newbies like me! :smiley: I do wish to request for Multiphase Modelling of offshore structures. This can include offshore platforms, marine risers, pipelaying modelling. It will be helpful to do more on designing offshore structures, hydrodynamic simulations and calculating the response behaviour of the offshore structure here on Simscale. This can be used in offshore platforms, CALM buoys, monobuoys, energy capturing devices, breakwater structures, offshore wind farms, etc. With this new feature, you can obtain the damping, and other response properties of an offshore structure and apply it.

I noticed it is missing and am interested in getting involved with that project here too, as I have also been experienced on that too. However, will be nice to include that in the Simscale Community. Thank you. :sunglasses::smiley::sunglasses:


Another big thank you for this feature request! :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for acknowledging this @jousefm :sunglasses::smiley:

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