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Add variableHeightFlowRate inlet boundary condition


Thank you for adding a feature request in this section! Please help us getting most out of your request for our product and your user experience by describing your demand in detail:

  • Which feature do you need?

    Add the variableHeightFlowRateInletVelocity type for U and variableHeightFlowRate for alpha.phase1 as an option when defining custom boundaries.

  • What is the problem that you want to address with this feature?

    Include missing boundary types.

  • What is the expected outcome?

    Improve simulation of weir and dams with multiphase flows.

  • Can you share application examples, ideally with project links on SimScale?

    There’s a tutorial case which uses the boundary types requested. This boundary condition could be used in projects such as this one or this other.

Solution diverged, but no mesh errors

Thanks for your feedback Pablo! :slight_smile:

All the best!



Hi @pfernandez, we recently also had a need for this, however, I didn’t know there was a foam boundary already in existence. I will forward your suggestion.