Support for 2D structural elements


2D Structural elements are a requirement for many structural analysis problems.

The first step would be to support Shell4 and Shell4T elements and mesh imported surfaces. A future refinement on this would be to have Simscale compute the mid plane of a part and then be able to perform a shell mesh on the computed mid planes.

Additional enhancements would be to select a surface or group of surfaces and be able to mesh 2D using Shell, Plane Stress or Plane Strain elements.

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Yes, I think this is critical for structural applications.

Certainly for the industries that I work in, the lack of a comprehesive range of options for shell modelling limits this software to only a few minor applications.

Personally I’m less concerned out the mid-plane modelling as I have other software that can complete that, but if it was available then I would likely make use of it.

Options to run shell models, ideally with a range of contact types would be necessary before I could look at SimScale as a practical solution to any project requirement.


@dcuttle, makes a ton of sense. Would you be willing to share which software you use for mid-surface creation?


Shells are a must-have in my point of view. Without shells lightweight structures, e.g. sheet metal, CFRP, GFRP sandwiches etc. cannot be modeled adequately.
Beam elements would also be appreciated for simple mechanical models. But this is only nice to have, not essential.


Thank you very much for your feedback @larstiedemann! We are continuously working on improvements for the platform and input from our users is always appreciated!

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