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Compressible/Incompressible option in CHT simulations


Recently, one of the Simscale user faced a problem in simulating a CHT simulation. The main reason was that the user didn’t know that he had to change the density range when he picked a liquid other than air. I propose a request for following features which if implemented will avoid such issue in the future.

  1. There should be an option in CHT simulation to choose between compressible and incompressible simulation type. This option is already present in the Convective hat transfer simulation but is missing in CHT simulations.

  2. When the user changes the material there should be an automatic change in the density range in the Numerics section.(many people just forget to change this range and spend a lot of time in figuring out the issue with their setup)

  3. There should be individual limiters for each fluid in case multiple fluid is present in the system(if air and water are present in the same simulation, density of air can be set as 0.5-2 and water at 500-2000 kg/m3)