Composite Materials Modelling feature

Thank you for adding a feature request in this section and inviting me to it. Based on the use of your product and my user experience although still a newbie here, I do humbly have a request to have a feature on composite materials modelling, layup and laminate orientations. This will help with modeling composite materials as is done for the present materials such as isotropic ones. It will be helpful to do more here on Simscale on designing composite structures, as composites have been noticed to have increased use and relevance. New novel composite materials made from harnessing the properties of composites has helped to increase their use and that can be modelled numerically, and could / should have a feature in Simscale.

I noticed it is missing and am interested in getting involved with that project here too, as I have also been experienced on that too. However, will be nice to include that in the Simscale Community. Thank you. :sunglasses::smile:


Thanks a lot for posting this DonVic! :+1:

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Thanks so much for acknowledging this @jousefm :sunglasses:

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