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Support for 3D Mice as input device

Are there any plans to allow the use of 3D input devices. I use a 3D Connexion mouse for CAD work and thought it might be useful for articulating the models.

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John (@johnstockton),

yes, there are plans and I just made a +1 for you on that feature request. There are quite some users that asked for 3D mouse support such that it was added to the product roadmap but still not that many that it made it to the top of the priority list. How crucial would you say is it for your simulation work? From the discussions with users and our own experience I would say that the added value of 3D mice for design work is larger than it is for simulation work as the interaction with the model is not that intense, would you agree? Nevertheless, this is definitely on the roadmap and I’ll give you a heads-up once we have a release date for it.




Thank-you David! I’d say at this point it is a “nice to have” as opposed to a “must have”. Most of us designers are just used to navigating with one hand and giving commands with the other. The need to navigate with the “instruction” mouse does change the flow - but I agree, it is less important with simulation. There are other simulation enhancements that I am sure would come ahead.

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@johnstockton absolutely agreed! I’ll keep you posted, once the first 3D mice are supported!

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