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Automatic Y+ Calculation


Given that SimScale is built on the OpenFOAM platform, would it be possible to introduce the built in OF Y+ calculation as an option during post processing? For many real world and scientific problems Y+ verification is an essential step to finding a final solution. Yes, I know it is possible to download the case to open it in Paraview, but for larger cases this is not feasible.


Hi @LWhitson2!

You can use the result control item in order to calculate y+ for the post-processing, it is already a built-in functionality. Or did you have anything else in mind, namely to calculate it everytime?




I think any time that a turbulence model is being used that the Y+ value should either be turned on automatically or you should have an option to calculate it during post processing. I have had a few times where I forgot to add the Y+ value to the simulation beforehand and it left me with little options to get the value back.