How to Create a Smarter Snap-Fit Design Using FEA

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 26 July, 2017

Snap-fits are everywhere you look! Remember your indestructible Nokia 1200? It made use of a very well designed snap-mechanism...

Stress projection

How to Calculate Stress and Strain with FEM Software?

Written by: Ajay Harish on 24 April, 2017

FEM users often wonder how stress and strain are calculated and how these quantities are related to the nodes? Which of this...

von Mises yield surfaces

Von Mises Stress and Yield Criterion

Written by: Ajay Harish on 19 April, 2017

The idea of von Mises stress was first proposed by Maksymilian Huber in 1904 but received more attention only in 1913...

container crane

Buckling Analysis of a RTG Crane

Written by: Guillermo Giraldo on 4 April, 2017

The RTG Crane (Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane, pictured in figure 1) is a fundamental equipment in any cargo port company....

CFD simulation accuracy

What is Accuracy in FEA or CFD Simulation?

Written by: Ajay Harish on 2 February, 2017

This is a common question that haunts most designers – what is the accuracy in FEA or CFD simulation? How accurate...


What is Convergence in Finite Element Analysis?

Written by: Ajay Harish on 23 January, 2017

A typical engineering design involves prediction of deflections/displacements, stresses, natural frequencies,...

FEA master class modal analysis truss bridge

What is Modal Analysis and Why is it Necessary?

Written by: Ajay Harish on 14 December, 2016

We often hear the terms “modal analysis,” “eigenvalues,” “eigenmodes” or “eigenfrequencies” and by the time...

motorsport car pedal

How to Reduce Car Pedal Weight by 47% with FEA

Written by: Enrique Martín López on 5 December, 2016

In motorsport, it’s necessary to optimize every component of the car; this includes the core parts (e.g. the engine),...