consumer goods FEA

Designing More Durable Consumer Products with FEA

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 2 June, 2017

Product design is a highly complex process, with multiple objectives, requirements, and constraints, all of which need to be satisfied for the final product to…

wind loads header

Predicting Wind Loads on Buildings via Web Browser

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 26 May, 2017

A building design project is a complicated endeavor, consisting of multiple phases and requiring contributions from multiple disciplines. It also involves a lot of uncertainty while…


Introducing the SimScale SimWiki!

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 12 May, 2017

Today we are excited to announce the launch of SimWiki – your new go-to CAE encyclopedia! What is SimWiki? SimScale’s SimWiki is a collection of…

industrial design

Industrial Design: Common Mistakes and Best Practices

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 24 April, 2017

IoT, design thinking, Industry 4.0 – with the ever increasing vocabulary of buzzwords being thrown around and the meaning behind them becoming more and more…

Free surface waterfall - fluid mechanics books

What are the Best Fluid Mechanics Books?

Written by: Ajay Harish on 2 November, 2016

Fluid mechanics is a vast subject and addresses issues related to the mechanical behavior of fluids. Fluids, in general, can mean both liquids and gasses….

Simulate Faster

5 Tips to Simulate Faster in SimScale

Written by: Ajay Harish on 29 September, 2016

FEM and CFD simulations have grown to be reliable over the years. Yet, the biggest drawback has remained the computing times when the problems involve…

CFD car

CFD Workflow Guide: How to Set up a Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Written by: Asad Ali on 15 September, 2016

Computational Science is the use of computers to solve complex problems. It is becoming more and more popular in the scientific world due to its potential…

Solvers in SimScale

How to Choose Solvers for FEM Problems: Direct or Iterative?

Written by: Ajay Harish on 17 August, 2016

In this article, we explore the black box of numerics and related solvers for FEM. In general, there are a typical set of options that…