Wine dispersing in a glass of water CFL condition

The CFL Condition and How to Choose Your Timestep Size

Written by: Guilherme Caminha on 29 August, 2017

The Courant–Friedrichs–Lewy or CFL condition is a condition for the stability of unstable numerical methods that...

air conditioning design validation

Air Conditioning Design Validation with CFD

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 18 August, 2017

As an HVAC engineer, you routinely go through the process of analyzing the designs being forwarded to you from the...


Truck Design: 3 CFD Simulations for Improving Aerodynamics

Written by: Radu Crahmaliuc on 8 August, 2017

Truck design is an area where engineering simulation can be used extensively. Performed for virtually testing different...

verification and validation

Verification and Validation in Computer-Aided Engineering – Explained

Written by: Serkan Solmaz on 27 July, 2017

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) is one of the most powerful tools of the recent era, utilized in almost every field to...

How to Create a Smarter Snap-Fit Design Using FEA

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 26 July, 2017

Snap-fits are everywhere you look! Remember your indestructible Nokia 1200? It made use of a very well designed snap-mechanism...

Optimizing Ventilation System Design with CFD

Written by: Anastasia Churazova on 21 July, 2017

Why You Should Care About Flow Simulation The cost and performance of any physical product are generally determined quite...

bike aerodynamics

Bike Aerodynamics Simulation — Reducing Cyclist Drag by 30%

Written by: Akrem Mouffouk on 19 July, 2017

Bike aerodynamics is considered to be one of the most complex applications in aerodynamics not only because of the bluff...

Formula Student aerodynamics

Formula Student Aerodynamics — Growing Wings with CFD

Written by: Niklas Pfeiffer on 19 July, 2017

There aren´t many things Formula One aerodynamicists get jealous of. But one of those rare things is definitively...