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Introducing the SimScale SimWiki!

BlogCAE HubIntroducing the SimScale SimWiki!

learn engineering simulation with SimWiki

Today we are excited to announce the launch of SimWiki—your new go-to CAE encyclopedia!

What is SimWiki?

SimScale’s SimWiki is a collection of learning resources designed to give you a general introduction into the field of computer-aided engineering (CAE) as well as various aspects of simulation processes. Within this Wiki, you will find explanations of concepts, features, and equations in connection with finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, thermal analysis and more. Starting with the basics and diving deeper into specific questions and theories, SimWiki assists everyone, from beginners who are new in the field of CAE to experienced professionals who are searching for answers to complex questions.

Why do we need a Wiki?

Engineering simulation, also known as CAE, can be extremely helpful in the product design process, allowing engineers to test, predict, and improve the robustness, performance, energy efficiency, and durability of components and assemblies. This leads to the creation of better products. It also significantly reduces the number of required physical prototypes and time to market. However, the large knowledge and expertise gap is one of the main reasons why CAE has been out of reach for many product designers, with only a small “inner sanctum” of trained experts being able to extract any value from it. At SimScale, we want to challenge this status quo and make the benefits of simulation accessible to everyone.

SimScale has always been dedicated to supporting our users as they learn to get the most out of CAE. The SimScale Learning Hub already offers step-by-step tutorials, webinarsdocumentation and much more. This latest initiative will complement our existing learning resources by providing you with a well-structured guide to everything there is to know about CAE. We hope that SimWiki will help bridge the knowledge gap and empower our users to optimize their product designs regardless of their background and expertise level. Our aim is that even those new to CAE to be able to get reliable results through their simulations.

Propeller cfd analysis simulation animation gif

We will update SimWiki with new content on a regular basis, so stay tuned!

Come and check it out:


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