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Cloud-Based Post-Processor Released on SimScale

BlogAbout SimScaleCloud-Based Post-Processor Released on SimScale

At SimScale, we are committed to providing a quality product that supports the complete virtual prototyping cycle. Therefore, in coordination with the numerous simulation features offered on our platform, we have endeavored to improve and enrich the post-processing experience for our users. Today, we are pleased to announce the release of SimScale’s cloud-based post-processor, which overcomes many barriers of large-scale online engineering simulation.

simulation post processing stress after shock in globe valve - new SimScale post-processor

The new post-processor fully supports cloud-based remote rendering. This means, instead of rendering the full model on your machine, the heavy-weight rendering is performed in cloud and images are streamed to your machine. This is accomplished virtually and no local resources are used. As a result, the performance and responsiveness of the post-processor are significantly enhanced, beyond what local processing of simulation results have offered so far.

velocity over a section of centrifugal pump cfd simulation post processing

For those who still prefer to use their machine to process the results, we still offer a backup WebGL-based local rendering. Thus, if you are working with a small model or have a particularly powerful computer, you can still use local resources for post-processing. However, remote rendering is our recommendation as it is more robust and provides better quality.

 particle injection in screw conveyor particle analysis posts processing

In addition to these improvements, we have added many new features to our post-processor to keep up with our fast-growing simulation capabilities. Users now have the possibility to select and visualize certain regions in a mesh. This makes it very straightforward to fully examine the interesting parts of the domain, e.g., in external aerodynamics or conjugate heat transfer and leave the rest out.

Moreover, you can *play* all time steps without having to pre-load the results or simply skip to a specific time step, transparency is now supported, and several new filters are included—you will find them listed once you want to add one.

pressure and streamlines over a formula one race car aerodynamics cfd simulation

There is a lot more to this post-processor. The new technology we have integrated brings countless possibilities to improve, scale, and adapt our post-processor for the future.

We encourage you to use it and discover its full potential yourself. It provides a complete set of tools to investigate your results and make appropriate design decisions.

Discover all the simulation features provided by SimScale. Download the document below.

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