First collaborative project: Boat simulation

Since it’s launch in August, the SimScale Forum has been the place where engineers have started discussions and collaborative projects to broaden their experience and knowledge about simulation and computer-aided engineering in general.

One of the most popular topics in the CAE forum currently is a collaborative project in which the engineers are simulating the free surface flow around a boat hull to predict the waterline on the hull, the steady waves created around the hull and especially the drag.

Boat Simulation on the SimScale Forum

It all started with the mesh provided by David:

Boat mesh on SimScale

The region of the free surface was refined with a region refinement and the cells around the boat hull itself were refined with a surface refinement.

Soon suggestions appeared and an improved mesh was created by another community member:

Boat mesh on SimScale platform

The boat sails at a speed of 2 m/s, and the simulation ran for about 38 seconds of simulated time. Below you can see an animation of the interface, which shows the formation of a stable wake over time.

Boat simulation with SimScale - post-processing image gif

After further suggestions from the forum members, calculations were made, which led to the modification of the domain size and setting of the correct input velocity.

Shipbuilding simulation with SimScale

Extending the boat simulation, Saumitra showed that with the Fr=0.46, both diverging and transverse wave systems appear in the beginning but then are lost, probably because the domain was still too small.

Boat simulation with the SimScale platform

This was the point when everybody started to work intensively on the project and add their input. Take a look at all the replies, calculations, simulations and documentation that followed.

If you are interested in the shipbuilding industry or the topic caught your attention, just join the discussion and be part of our growing CAE community!

Also, you might be interested in this project: Free Floating Boat in a Wave Tank. You can copy it and import it into your own workspace for free.

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