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SimScale Platform Update 01/2015: LES Turbulence Models

BlogAbout SimScaleSimScale Platform Update 01/2015: LES Turbulence Models

large eddy simulation LES turbulence models

Since the last product update, another set of new features has been released on the SimScale platform. Find more details about some of them below.

New Tutorials

To get you started very fast using SimScale for productive simulation, new step-by-step tutorials including explanation videos have been created. You can find all of them on the SimScale YouTube channel.

Numerous GUI Improvements

The user interface has been improved on multiple parts of the platform to provide a clean, efficient workflow with SimScale.

Temperature-Dependent Material Behavior

The thermal analysis types now allow the definition of temperature-dependent material parameters. In this way, the behavior of materials under external temperature changes can be modelled more accurately.

LES Turbulence Models

To simulate turbulent flows even more accurately, the first large eddy simulation turbulence models have been integrated. From now on, the new options ‘LES Smagorinsky’ and ‘LES Spalart Allmafras’ are available for the choice of the turbulence model.

Discover all the simulation features provided by SimScale. Download the document below.


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