SimScale Platform Update 14/05/2014: Mesh Quality Visualization

Since the last product update, new features and mesh quality visualization capabilities have been added to the SimScale platform. Read more about the latest updates in the small articles below.

Mesh Quality Visualization

Several quality metrics can now be visualized for all meshes on SimScale. That way the user can assess the quality of a mesh in more detail, before starting a simulation with it. Log into SimScale and test the new mesh quality visualization capabilities.

New Boundary Condition Types for Flow Simulation

Several new boundary condition types have been integrated according to customer requests. For example in incompressible fluid flow analyses, a new boundary condition type allows to account for the roughness of walls. For flow analysis where the temperature field is solved, several new temperature boundary conditions have been integrated as well and do allow now the simulation of additional physical systems.

Multiple Results Views in Parallel

The result viewer now allows to display multiple views next to each other. That way users can assess multiple run results in parallel and compare them or visualize different result fields of a simulation at the same time.

Enhancement of the Automatic Report Generation

The automatic report generation feature of the SimScale platform has been enhanced with multiple features, especially for structural mechanics / FEA. Many more details are now included such that the user can generate a detailed report of a simulation project with just a push of a button.

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