Introducing SimScale — Browser-Based CAE Platform

We are happy to introduce SimScale, a completely browser-based CAE platform. SimScale lowers all barriers to numerical simulation of engineering applications while offering sophisticated CAE / Computer Aided Engineering capability. On these pages we will provide information, news, stories, tips and tricks about SimScale and CAE in general.

Browser-based CAE Platform

In order to get started a quick introduction to browser-based engineering: In a nutshell analysing and validating your mechanical design with SimScale needs the following steps:

  • Sign in via
  • Upload a CAD geometry (Several formats are supported)
  • Create a mesh by using the different meshing strategies offered within the preprocessing environment
  • Choose an analysis type and specify its parameters
  • Start the actual computation on a hardware of your choice
  • Visualize the simulation results in the SimScale post-processing environment and draw the conclusions for your design

The picture shows the post processing visualization for a structural analysis gear wheels in the current Early Access Program Version. We are working constantly at new functionality and improved usability. If you want to give the SimScale browser-based CAE platform a try, don’t hesitate to sign up for the EAP.

SimScale is the world's first cloud-based simulation platform, enabling you to perform CFD, FEA, or thermal analyses. Sign up for the 14-day free trial and join the community of 70 000 engineers and designers. No payment data required.