Sharing a Project

Within your project, you can collaborate with others using the Share button.

The sharing dialogue will then open in a pop-up window

  • The sharing mechanism is permission based and for now includes “can view” and “can copy” permissions (there will be more to come in future updates).

  • The user permissions for public and private can be changed at any time in the sharing dialogue

  • The Generate Project Link functionality has been temporarily disabled (Please see important note below)


The Generate Project Link functionality has been temporarily disabled. If your project is public, you can share the project link URL from the Project Overview page:


Hi Anna,

Thanks for this! So, If I understand correctly, by inviting someone to your project they have full access to modifying the project on your dashboard? Can they also delete it? Change its privacy settings?

My second question is, when you share with support, would they get a copy on their dashboard or direct access to your project?


Hi @oscarcorripio,

Not quite - When you invite someone to your project, they receive a copy of your project which they can then edit. Your project, ie the one in your dashboard, can only be edited by you (the owner).

When you share with our support, they also receive a copy of your project which they can edit and share the results back to you.

So basically when it comes to sharing, it is always a copy of the project that the collaborator receives and not direct editing access to the project that you own.


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Hi @AnnaFless,

So what happens when someone shares a project back with me? Will I see the results in my project or will I get a copy of a copy of my project?


Hi @akosior,

currently each time sharing a project will create a copy, so yes. But more capabilities are currently in implementation, which is why I started this thread over here: Most important use cases for collaboration? - we’re very interested in the desired collaboration workflows that would make the simulation work easier for SimScalers. So if you have a specific workflow / use case in mind - please share! As always, more powerful collaboration capabilities will be deployed step by step - so there is always the possibility to re-prioritize based on feedback - so feel free to share your “ideal” SimScale collaboration functionality :slight_smile:

All the best,



How about unsharing a project that has been shared with me? Once I grade a student’s submission, I would like to be able to clear it out of my dashboard . Is that possible to do on my end?