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In this thread we provide you with the best resources you need to understand the functionalities of SimScale, set up your own simulations and learn about the theoretical fundamentals of the interesting field of the Finite Element Method (FEM). What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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\underline{\textbf{Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis}}

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is a computational technique developed by engineers used to obtain approximate solutions to engineering problems.

\underline{\textbf{Workshops related to FEA}}

1. Got a weakness for medicine? The Biomedical Engineering workshop might be the workshop of your choice!
\rightarrow Biomedical Engineering Workshop

2. Interested in gathering some first experiences as an aerospace engineer?
\rightarrow Aerospace Workshop

3. Are you inquisitive? The Makers workshop should be your ideal playground!
\rightarrow Makers Workshop
\rightarrow Equivalent German Workshop: Simulieren wie die Profis

4. Enthusiastic about drones? Drone Workshop


Tutorials for FEA/CFD & Thermal Analysis: Tutorials

Step-by-Step Tutorials: Learn Simulation Step-By-Step




\underline{\textbf{Static Analysis on SimScale}}

Static analysis is used to determine the displacements, stresses, strains, and forces in structures or components caused by loads that do not induce significant inertia and damping effects.

  • Steady loading and response conditions are assumed
  • Externally applied forces and pressure
  • Steady-state inertial forces (such as gravity or rotational velocity)
  • Imposed (non-zero) displacements

Linear Static Analysis

  1. Linear Assumption - Deflections should be small and rotations should be less that 10 degrees. Boundary conditions should be constant

  2. Elasticity Assumption - Assigned material should be linear elastic (ie. when a load is removed, the part returns to its initial shape)

  3. Static Assumption - Load can be applied in a single step (or pseudo time steps)

Recommended Projects (Click to show list):

Nonlinear Static Analysis

Types of nonlinearities (

  1. Material Nonlinearity (Plastic material database)

  2. Geometric Nonlinearity

  3. Boundary Condition Nonlinearity

[details=Recommended Projects (Click to show list):]

\underline{\textbf{Available Static Solvers on SimScale}}

Source: @cjquijano

\underline{\textbf{Dynamic Analysis with SimScale}}

Dynamics Analysis is used to determine the time-varying displacements, strains, stresses, and forces in a structure as it responds to any combination of static, transient, and harmonic loads.

Inertia or damping effects are included. If the inertia and damping effects are not important, use a static analysis instead.

Frequency Analysis

Recommended Projects (Click to show list)

Modal Analysis

[details=Recommended Projects (Click to show list):]

Harmonic Analysis

Recommended Projects (Click to show list):

Linear Dynamic Analysis

[details=Recommended Projects (Click to show list):]

Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis

Recommended Projects (Click to show list):

\underline{\textbf{Available Dynamic Solvers on SimScale}}

Source: @cjquijano

Source: @cjquijano

\underline{\textbf{Advanced Topics in FEA}}

Cyclic Symmetry

Recommended Projects (Click to show list):

Remote Displacement/Force

Recommended Projects (Click to show list):

Elastic Support

Recommended Projects (Click to show list):

Material Damping

Recommended Projects (Click to show list):

Hyperelastic Material Models

Recommended Projects (Click to show list):

Physical Contact (nonlinear)

Recommended Projects (Click to show list):

\underline{\textbf{Validation Cases using SimScale}}

In these validation cases, the simulation results on SimScale are compared to the numerical results presented in other studies to validate the accuracy of our solvers

Validation cases: Solid Mechanics Validation Cases

Click to see all validation cases


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