FEM - Homework - Direct Approach for Discrete Systems [4]

Hey guys,

if you feel confident enough you can try two little but easy exercises. You can solve them on paper or type them in a software like MATLAB and send your work to me. I will rate and correct your homework.

Non scholae, sed vitae discimus

(“We do not learn for school, but for life”)

Set up the discrete equations for the system shown above and solve it meaning that you have to do the following things:

• Write down all element stiffness matrices
• Assembly of the system
• Partition the system
• In the end let k^e = 1 and solve the system

Voluntary extra task


  1. Number the element and nodes
  2. Assemble the global stiffness and force matrix
  3. Partition the system and solve for the nodal displacement
  4. Compute the reaction forces