Cyclic Symmetry Questions

I have two questions about “Cyclic Symmetry”.

  1. How should I interpret the results using Cyclic Symmetry? Are the results only for that portion or the total solution? Example: Are reaction forces based on the portion or the total?

  2. How do I form the appearance of the complete part for the solutions fields? I tried using reflect filter but it seems to only work with half symmetry.

Hi @cschmidt,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: I think @rszoeke or @stadlerj can probably provide more details here.

Hello @cschmidt,

for SimScale, if you are using only a part of your model for simulation, also the results represent only part of the full model. This is the same for a simple symmetry or a cyclic symmetry. This means for reaction forces that you have to multiply the reaction forces of the sector model with the number of sectors for the full model to get the reaction force of the full model.

Regarding the visualization, you can use the transform filter. There you have the option to rotate the geometry, where you can put values for x- , y- or z-rotation in degrees.

See for example this screenshot:

I did two rotations of a 36° single sector model. You can check out the saved post-processor state in this project: