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SimScale in 30 Days with #AnnaGoesSimScale

BlogTips & TricksSimScale in 30 Days with #AnnaGoesSimScale


At SimScale we believe that if you set your mind to achieve something, you are able to learn and succeed in anything. That’s why we all love discovering new things and challenging each other with new ideas, instead of getting stuck in old routines. But how long does it actually take to learn something new?

30 Days Challenge: #AnnaGoesSimScale

We were especially interested to get an answer to that question, with particular regard to the learning experience with our platform: how long would it take for a new user to become an expert with the SimScale platform?

Inspired by the Matt Cutts’ Ted Talk “Try something new for 30 days“, we asked our brand new employee—Anna—to take on the challenge of becoming a SimScale pro and learning SimScale in 30 days. Anna, who just joined SimScale as a Junior Sales Engineer 3 days ago, will be sharing with you her thoughts and tips from her SimScale learning journey. Make sure you follow her posts through the #AnnaGoesSimScale hashtag on Twitter and Facebook.

About Anna

Here a short introduction directly from Anna:

“My name is Anna Flessner and I am from the USA. I studied structural engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and am currently doing a research exchange semester in partnership with the Technical University of Munich. In my free time I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, and cooking. I will be joining SimScale as a Junior Sales Engineer. During my first 30 days on the job, I am looking forward to working on challenging projects and to the opportunity to learn from the talented people working at SimScale!”

Anna Hiking - #AnnaGoesSimScale
Anna on one of her hiking trips

Week 1 — #AnnaGoesSimScale

This is the first week at SimScale for Anna. In her first 3 days, she met the whole team and was able to start working right away. Anna has set up her SimScale account, received an overview of the platform from our Sales Engineer, Pawel, and started developing her first project with SimScale—a crank and piston mechanism simulation. Give her some encouragement for the next 29 days by posting a comment under her Facebook post or clicking “Favorite” on Twitter using the #AnnaGoesSimScale hashtag!

Anna at SimScale

And what is your #GoneSimScale experience? We would love to hear your stories on Facebook and Twitter.

Read Anna’s article about how she learned SimScale in 30 days here.

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