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Simulation and Collaboration with SimScale

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The cloud is a hot topic these days and many discussions regarding new solutions in various application fields are happening.

Engineering simulation is one of them. The discussions are often about whether cloud-based solutions will play a role in the CAE field or not. We at SimScale believe that ultimately the decisive factor will be how much value these new solutions will bring to the table. Inherently a “cloud-based” solution—regardless of the application field—brings flexibility, while maintaining scalability.

Simulation and Collaboration

For engineering simulation, these two properties are attractive: Running a parameter study on many machines concurrently but only paying while using them is definitely a great feature. However, the new opportunities that such a solution offers are more than this: One of them is collaboration.

Having the current design drafts, simulation results, and helpful engineering tools online enables users to work together with colleagues, clients or a support team—rapidly and conveniently. Depending on the scenario, these new opportunities help to work more efficiently: Getting fast help with a simulation setup problem, showing simulation results to a colleague or a client remotely without requiring specialized software or getting a quick overview over the simulation projects your team is currently working on is priceless.

This is one of the new opportunities an online approach to CAE provides. This leads to a competitive advantage—and therefore creates value for the user.

If you would like to get an idea of these new simulation and collaboration opportunities, you can meet us at the Hannover Messe next week or simply create a free account for the SimScale platform. There is a free 14-day trial for the Professional Plan available as well. With the Professional Plan, you can keep your simulations private and share them only with whom you want to. We are looking forward to your opinion on this new approach to engineering simulation.

SimScale’s CEO David Heiny tests the capabilities of the platform to solve a real-life engineering problem. Fill in the form and watch this free webinar to learn more!


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