CFD with SimScale — First Impressions

Valve analysis with SimScale

With the latest update of the SimScale Early Access version, quite a number of new features have been released. One of them is a mesh layer refinement feature, that enables a more accurate discretization of the computational domain near physical walls. The picture below shows the refined layer near the walls of a pipe that helps to achieve a more accurate solution of the flow field through it.

Mesh Creation on the SimScale Platform

The mesh creation is controlled in a multi step approach via several parameters that allow to determine the resulting mesh appearance. However due to the automation of every step, the mesh creation is straightforward and fast. Using the mesh shown in the picture above and running a simple transient, laminar flow simulation on it, one obtains the results shown below after a few minutes.

CFD with SimScale

Additionally we included the first turbulence models and a steady-state solver that enable the setup of more sophisticated CFD simulations. We would be glad to get your opinion on the new features – sign up for the EAP and try CFD with SimScale.

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