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\underline{\textbf{Workshops related to CAD & Meshing:}}

Almost every workshop we offer contains the basics of how to create a mesh and work with it in a proper way. But there are some workshops that are dedicated to CAD & Meshing itself:

\underline{\textbf{Tips & Tricks for Meshing and Modelling}}

\underline{\textbf{CAD to STL converter}}

When dealing with CAD models, you often have the problem converting your model into a .stl file OpenFoam meshers need. Here are some examples that might help you there:

CFmesh (
Triangle (
Tetgen (
Overture (
Google SketchUp (
Free-CAD (
Blender (
MeshLab (
ParaView (
Gnuplot (
OnShape (

Of course participating in discussions and reading through the dedicated Thread about CAD & Meshing can help!





\underline{\textbf{Recommended CAD Software}}

  • Onshape + SimScale Connector App

  • Fusion360 + SimScale Connector App

  • SolidWorks

  • FreeCAD

  • Salomé (Pre- and Post-Processing)


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