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Hey Mache!

Thrilled to have you on board :slight_smile: No worries, we are here to help in case you need anything.

Also do not hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts or questions that you do not post publicly.

Happy SimScaling!



Hello everyone, I am Suchinder “Paul” Singh Dhillon from the USA. First I see the community here is very diverse so I’ll start by saying don’t hate me for my president. I am evaluating SimScale as a startup where we will be using it specifically to model airflow in subsonic nozzles and collimators as well as some airfoil modeling. Our industry is crisis management and we are designing rapid identification and response scenarios and systems to mitigate some of the terrors of natural disasters before current technologies are getting their orders to react. As the CEO of our company, (and the only one with CFD experience, from the old days.) I would be interested to hear your stories about SimScale, For a startup is it a good tool? scalable? expandable? what are the pro’s and con’s you have experienced, and how do you feel about the support you receive from the company. I’d like to get as much feedback as possible before committing to spending any cash so please and thank you in advance.



Hi Suchinder and a warm welcome to our SimScale community :slight_smile:

Well, obviously my opinion is biased as I work for SimScale but I would love to have a Google Hangout session with you to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of SimScale and see if SimScale is a fit for your project. Simply write me an email to and I will schedule an appointment accordingly.

Looking forward hearing from you!



Hi I’m George-Angelos Voudouris from Greece. Marine engineer at the profession and car enthusiast.
New to this stuff! Hope I don’t ask silly questions!
Thanks in advance for your assistance!


Hey @gvoudouris!

Welcome to our forum and no worries about asking “silly” questions, I ask them all the time :wink:

All the best!



Hi, Erik 37 from Espoo Finland. I am design entrepreneur. Very interested in aerodynamics and cfd. So far I have spent only first hour with this and I am totally lost in it all. I have not yet found where I can see X, Y or Z plane even. Also I tried with stl file but maybe that was not best format to try. :slight_smile: Gotta look into more tutorials. Which is the best place to ask the most stupid questions? :smiley:


Hey Erik, it’s nice to have you here!

At first it does feel a little bit overwhelming but it gets better as you get familiar with the concepts :smiley: .
The best way to start is definitely by checking out the step-by-step tutorials. You’ll find some simple simulations explained from start to finish.

If you run into issues, the best place to go is the main project support forum. There you will find some pointers. Reading forum posts definitely helps.
If you want to see different projects, head over to the public projects section.

PS: my go-to file extension is .step. Works out very well for me.



Thanks a lot, it seems I also screwed my username.:joy: It was going to be something entirely different, don’t know why it got removed.

Ok, I will check out those resources and also use step files. Thanks a lot!


Hello! My name is Lilly and I am a Mechanical engineer from Greece.
Through my 3-year experience in Formula Student I developed a strong interest in CFD and Simscale seems to be a great option to deepen my knowledge and nurture new skills and experience on that domain.
It’s a pleasure to meet you!:slight_smile:


A warm welcome to our community Lilly! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions about the platform in general or want to discuss anything in particular.

Happy to help you out!



I am an Undergraduate from Department of Mechanical Engineering in Sri Lanka.
My Basic Goal in using SimScale is to develop Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations for a Formula Student Car for Formula Student Germany. There are modifications and Designing processes to be conducted in future in this prospect.
I am a Team Member of Aerodynamics section in Formula Team.


That’s amazing @Upeka!

Feel free to look around and ask us in case you have any doubts or questions :slight_smile: We are in touch anyway as you are a sponsored team. Reaching out to you via mail as soon as possible!

All the best and stay safe!